FCI’s NetSOLO™ Broadband network fire alarm system is the most technologically advanced,
flexible and survivable solution available for life safety, including digital audio evacuation, paging,
firefighter’s telephone and mass notification. Consisting of a fire alarm control panel, audio distribution transponder panel and a Central Alarm Control Facility (CACF), the system delivers a distributed network fire alarm system… on a single pair of wires. The combination of simplicity, flexibility and ease of installation results in lower installation cost while providing the best in proven technology.

Innovation & Experience
For nearly 40 years, Fire Control Instruments –
FCI – has developed proven products and technology
that outperforms everything else in its class.

Exploring new ideas and developing new functions, FCI is a technology leader in the fire alarm industry. Backed by intuitive designs and cutting edge engineering, FCI is committed to saving lives and protecting property. You can depend on FCI and the advanced life safety features it provides to satisfy the needs for Canadian configurations.

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